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*/ defined('JPATH_PLATFORM') or die; jimport('joomla.application.component.helper'); /** * Module helper class * * @package Joomla.Platform * @subpackage Application * @since 11.1 */ abstract class JModuleHelper { /** * Get module by name (real, eg 'Breadcrumbs' or folder, eg 'mod_breadcrumbs') * * @param string $name The name of the module * @param string $title The title of the module, optional * * @return object The Module object * * @since 11.1 */ public static function &getModule($name, $title = null) { $result = null; $modules =& JModuleHelper::_load(); $total = count($modules); for ($i = 0; $i < $total; $i++) { // Match the name of the module if ($modules[$i]->name == $name || $modules[$i]->module == $name) { // Match the title if we're looking for a specific instance of the module if (!$title || $modules[$i]->title == $title) { // Found it $result = &$modules[$i]; break; // Found it } } } // If we didn't find it, and the name is mod_something, create a dummy object if (is_null($result) && substr($name, 0, 4) == 'mod_') { $result = new stdClass; $result->id = 0; $result->title = ''; $result->module = $name; $result->position = ''; $result->content = ''; $result->showtitle = 0; $result->control = ''; $result->params = ''; $result->user = 0; } return $result; } /** * Get modules by position * * @param string $position The position of the module * * @return array An array of module objects * * @since 11.1 */ public static function &getModules($position) { $position = strtolower($position); $result = array(); $modules =& JModuleHelper::_load(); $total = count($modules); for ($i = 0; $i < $total; $i++) { if ($modules[$i]->position == $position) { $result[] = &$modules[$i]; } } if (count($result) == 0) { if (JRequest::getBool('tp') && JComponentHelper::getParams('com_templates')->get('template_positions_display')) { $result[0] = JModuleHelper::getModule('mod_' . $position); $result[0]->title = $position; $result[0]->content = $position; $result[0]->position = $position; } } return $result; } /** * Checks if a module is enabled * * @param string $module The module name * * @return boolean * * @since 11.1 */ public static function isEnabled($module) { $result = JModuleHelper::getModule($module); return !is_null($result); } /** * Render the module. * * @param object $module A module object. * @param array $attribs An array of attributes for the module (probably from the XML). * * @return string The HTML content of the module output. * * @since 11.1 */ public static function renderModule($module, $attribs = array()) { static $chrome; if (constant('JDEBUG')) { JProfiler::getInstance('Application')->mark('beforeRenderModule ' . $module->module . ' (' . $module->title . ')'); } $app = JFactory::getApplication(); // Record the scope. $scope = $app->scope; // Set scope to component name $app->scope = $module->module; // Get module parameters $params = new JRegistry; $params->loadString($module->params); // Get module path $module->module = preg_replace('/[^A-Z0-9_\.-]/i', '', $module->module); $path = JPATH_BASE . '/modules/' . $module->module . '/' . $module->module . '.php'; // Load the module // $module->user is a check for 1.0 custom modules and is deprecated refactoring if (empty($module->user) && file_exists($path)) { $lang = JFactory::getLanguage(); // 1.5 or Core then 1.6 3PD $lang->load($module->module, JPATH_BASE, null, false, false) || $lang->load($module->module, dirname($path), null, false, false) || $lang->load($module->module, JPATH_BASE, $lang->getDefault(), false, false) || $lang->load($module->module, dirname($path), $lang->getDefault(), false, false); $content = ''; ob_start(); include $path; $module->content = ob_get_contents() . $content; ob_end_clean(); } // Load the module chrome functions if (!$chrome) { $chrome = array(); } include_once JPATH_THEMES . '/system/html/modules.php'; $chromePath = JPATH_THEMES . '/' . $app->getTemplate() . '/html/modules.php'; if (!isset($chrome[$chromePath])) { if (file_exists($chromePath)) { include_once $chromePath; } $chrome[$chromePath] = true; } // Make sure a style is set if (!isset($attribs['style'])) { $attribs['style'] = 'none'; } // Dynamically add outline style if (JRequest::getBool('tp') && JComponentHelper::getParams('com_templates')->get('template_positions_display')) { $attribs['style'] .= ' outline'; } foreach (explode(' ', $attribs['style']) as $style) { $chromeMethod = 'modChrome_' . $style; // Apply chrome and render module if (function_exists($chromeMethod)) { $module->style = $attribs['style']; ob_start(); $chromeMethod($module, $params, $attribs); $module->content = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); } } //revert the scope $app->scope = $scope; if (constant('JDEBUG')) { JProfiler::getInstance('Application')->mark('afterRenderModule ' . $module->module . ' (' . $module->title . 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If alternative layout, in the form template:filename. * * @return string The path to the module layout * * @since 11.1 */ public static function getLayoutPath($module, $layout = 'default') { $template = JFactory::getApplication()->getTemplate(); $defaultLayout = $layout; if (strpos($layout, ':') !== false) { // Get the template and file name from the string $temp = explode(':', $layout); $template = ($temp[0] == '_') ? $template : $temp[0]; $layout = $temp[1]; $defaultLayout = ($temp[1]) ? $temp[1] : 'default'; } // Build the template and base path for the layout $tPath = JPATH_THEMES . '/' . $template . '/html/' . $module . '/' . $layout . '.php'; $bPath = JPATH_BASE . '/modules/' . $module . '/tmpl/' . $defaultLayout . '.php'; $dPath = JPATH_BASE . '/modules/' . $module . '/tmpl/default.php'; // If the template has a layout override use it if (file_exists($tPath)) { return $tPath; } elseif (file_exists($bPath)) { return $bPath; } else { return $dPath; } } /** * Load published modules. * * @return array * * @since 11.1 */ protected static function &_load() { static $clean; if (isset($clean)) { return $clean; } $Itemid = JRequest::getInt('Itemid'); $app = JFactory::getApplication(); $user = JFactory::getUser(); $groups = implode(',', $user->getAuthorisedViewLevels()); $lang = JFactory::getLanguage()->getTag(); $clientId = (int) $app->getClientId(); $cache = JFactory::getCache('com_modules', ''); $cacheid = md5(serialize(array($Itemid, $groups, $clientId, $lang))); if (!($clean = $cache->get($cacheid))) { $db = JFactory::getDbo(); $query = $db->getQuery(true); $query->select(', m.title, m.module, m.position, m.content, m.showtitle, m.params, mm.menuid'); $query->from('#__modules AS m'); $query->join('LEFT', '#__modules_menu AS mm ON mm.moduleid ='); $query->where('m.published = 1'); $query->join('LEFT', '#__extensions AS e ON e.element = m.module AND e.client_id = m.client_id'); $query->where('e.enabled = 1'); $date = JFactory::getDate(); $now = $date->toSql(); $nullDate = $db->getNullDate(); $query->where('(m.publish_up = ' . $db->Quote($nullDate) . ' OR m.publish_up <= ' . $db->Quote($now) . ')'); $query->where('(m.publish_down = ' . $db->Quote($nullDate) . ' OR m.publish_down >= ' . $db->Quote($now) . ')'); $query->where('m.access IN (' . $groups . ')'); $query->where('m.client_id = ' . $clientId); $query->where('(mm.menuid = ' . (int) $Itemid . ' OR mm.menuid <= 0)'); // Filter by language if ($app->isSite() && $app->getLanguageFilter()) { $query->where('m.language IN (' . $db->Quote($lang) . ',' . $db->Quote('*') . ')'); } $query->order('m.position, m.ordering'); // Set the query $db->setQuery($query); $modules = $db->loadObjectList(); $clean = array(); if ($db->getErrorNum()) { JError::raiseWarning(500, JText::sprintf('JLIB_APPLICATION_ERROR_MODULE_LOAD', $db->getErrorMsg())); return $clean; } // Apply negative selections and eliminate duplicates $negId = $Itemid ? -(int) $Itemid : false; $dupes = array(); for ($i = 0, $n = count($modules); $i < $n; $i++) { $module = &$modules[$i]; // The module is excluded if there is an explicit prohibition $negHit = ($negId === (int) $module->menuid); if (isset($dupes[$module->id])) { // If this item has been excluded, keep the duplicate flag set, // but remove any item from the cleaned array. if ($negHit) { unset($clean[$module->id]); } continue; } $dupes[$module->id] = true; // Only accept modules without explicit exclusions. if (!$negHit) { // Determine if this is a 1.0 style custom module (no mod_ prefix) // This should be eliminated when the class is refactored. // $module->user is deprecated. $file = $module->module; $custom = substr($file, 0, 4) == 'mod_' ? 0 : 1; $module->user = $custom; // 1.0 style custom module name is given by the title field, otherwise strip off "mod_" $module->name = $custom ? $module->module : substr($file, 4); $module->style = null; $module->position = strtolower($module->position); $clean[$module->id] = $module; } } unset($dupes); // Return to simple indexing that matches the query order. $clean = array_values($clean); $cache->store($clean, $cacheid); } return $clean; } /** * Module cache helper * * Caching modes: * To be set in XML: * 'static' One cache file for all pages with the same module parameters * 'oldstatic' 1.5 definition of module caching, one cache file for all pages * with the same module id and user aid, * 'itemid' Changes on itemid change, to be called from inside the module: * 'safeuri' Id created from $cacheparams->modeparams array, * 'id' Module sets own cache id's * * @param object $module Module object * @param object $moduleparams Module parameters * @param object $cacheparams Module cache parameters - id or url parameters, depending on the module cache mode * * @return string * * @since 11.1 * * @link JFilterInput::clean() */ public static function moduleCache($module, $moduleparams, $cacheparams) { if (!isset($cacheparams->modeparams)) { $cacheparams->modeparams = null; } if (!isset($cacheparams->cachegroup)) { $cacheparams->cachegroup = $module->module; } $user = JFactory::getUser(); $cache = JFactory::getCache($cacheparams->cachegroup, 'callback'); $conf = JFactory::getConfig(); // Turn cache off for internal callers if parameters are set to off and for all logged in users if ($moduleparams->get('owncache', null) === '0' || $conf->get('caching') == 0 || $user->get('id')) { $cache->setCaching(false); } // module cache is set in seconds, global cache in minutes, setLifeTime works in minutes $cache->setLifeTime($moduleparams->get('cache_time', $conf->get('cachetime') * 60) / 60); $wrkaroundoptions = array('nopathway' => 1, 'nohead' => 0, 'nomodules' => 1, 'modulemode' => 1, 'mergehead' => 1); $wrkarounds = true; $view_levels = md5(serialize($user->getAuthorisedViewLevels())); switch ($cacheparams->cachemode) { case 'id': $ret = $cache->get( array($cacheparams->class, $cacheparams->method), $cacheparams->methodparams, $cacheparams->modeparams, $wrkarounds, $wrkaroundoptions ); break; case 'safeuri': $secureid = null; if (is_array($cacheparams->modeparams)) { $uri = JRequest::get(); $safeuri = new stdClass; foreach ($cacheparams->modeparams as $key => $value) { // Use int filter for id/catid to clean out spamy slugs if (isset($uri[$key])) { $safeuri->$key = JRequest::_cleanVar($uri[$key], 0, $value); } } } $secureid = md5(serialize(array($safeuri, $cacheparams->method, $moduleparams))); $ret = $cache->get( array($cacheparams->class, $cacheparams->method), $cacheparams->methodparams, $module->id . $view_levels . $secureid, $wrkarounds, $wrkaroundoptions ); break; case 'static': $ret = $cache->get( array($cacheparams->class, $cacheparams->method), $cacheparams->methodparams, $module->module . md5(serialize($cacheparams->methodparams)), $wrkarounds, $wrkaroundoptions ); break; case 'oldstatic': // provided for backward compatibility, not really usefull $ret = $cache->get( array($cacheparams->class, $cacheparams->method), $cacheparams->methodparams, $module->id . $view_levels, $wrkarounds, $wrkaroundoptions ); break; case 'itemid': default: $ret = $cache->get( array($cacheparams->class, $cacheparams->method), $cacheparams->methodparams, $module->id . $view_levels . JRequest::getVar('Itemid', null, 'default', 'INT'), $wrkarounds, $wrkaroundoptions ); break; } return $ret; } }